PCOS- An Infertility Issue onThe Rise

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This type of condition is caused mainly due to imbalance in the female hormones. As a result of this syndrome there may be changes in women menstrual cycle, problems in pregnancy, health effects or cysts inside ovaries. There are mainly two to female hormones which help in releasing of ovary eggs in females known as Estrogen and Progesterone. On the other hand, there is presence of a male hormone named Androgen, which is also found quite commonly in women bodies. The reason behind changes in hormonal levels of women is not completely known but as a result of these changes in hormonal levels, it may lead to slower maturing of women eggs. During woman’s period, usually one or more eggs are released from the body while during the condition of PCOS, eggs don’t get matured and can lead to formation of cysts inside ovaries. The changes in female hormones and PCOS, can therefore contribute to infertility in women. Disorder of hormones or its imbalance can lead to other possible health side effects as well. The diagnosis of PCOS can be conducted in the age group between 20-30 years of age. However effect of this syndrome can even occur at teenage as well amongst girls. With this disorder, it may be possible for girls to start having this syndrome even during the start of their first period.

Symptoms of PCOS

One of the possible symptoms of PCOS is the change in women menstrual cycle. Irregular periods can be one of the major symptoms which may indicate other side effects in Women Body. Other possible symptoms may include development of male like characteristics, which is also known as virilization. In this case, there could be development of body hair around breast, face, and belly. This may even cause reduction in breast size and thinning of hairs on the head or baldness. Even the chances in voice are also possible symptoms of PCOS. Skin changes like bad acne or dark skin markings can happen as well.

How to Test PCOS

There are some of the examinations or tests which can be be conducted to reveal PCOS. This may include examining pelvic for checking swollen ovaries. Most of the women which are having Diabetes, BP, Cholesterol, Weight gain or obesity have more chances of having PCOS. Therefore it is important to get your Body Mass Index checked and measured as well. Various other blood tests can also be done along with. Other tests include checking estrogen levels, LH, FSH Levels, Male Hormone Level tests, 17-ketosteroids tests etc. One can even go for pregnancy test, lipid level test, fasting sugar test, prolactin test, thyroid tests. Other vaginal ultrasound or pelvic laparoscopy can also be conducted to check the situation of ovaries.

With the way our lives have become hectic, there are chances of developing various types of diseases mainly in Females. PCOS is one of such syndromes which may lead to various bad consequences and therefore must be identified and tested in advance to treat it.